Poem to the male Ass

Round and hard,
I slap.
Playful tease,
I squeeze.

Sometimes hairy,
Sometimes smooth,
Stroke it, woman,
It’s all for you.

Big and wobbly,
Where ten hands fit,
Small, athletic,
Underneath tight jeans.

Soft treasure,
Perky jewel,
The perfect shape
That makes me drool.

Buttocks, glutes,
Ass and bum,
This body part
Is second to none.

Heiny, bottom,
Tush, behind,
I cannot get them
Off my mind.

Bouncing gently,
Left to right,
A man’s butt
Is my favourite sight.

With jeans or suit,
Sweatpants or bare.
It looks so heavenly
I can’t help but stare.

Grab that ass,
Behold its glory,
Bite it gently
And get so horny.

Pat, slap,
Bite, grab,
It’s Gods gift

Noemí Rivera.