The Dancing Ghost

She was stardust,
A collection of forgotten thoughts,
Dreams that never came true,
Invisible colours gliding in front of your eyes.
She was the most amazing kind of nothingness.
And she loved dancing.

She was dancing on the edge of the world,
Just waiting to become real.
Jumping, spinning, swinging.
But she fell.
She fell on a cloud formed by a million raindrops that embraced her and whispered, “dance with us”.

She had nowhere else to go, so she carried on dancing from cloud to cloud,
through storms and rainbows.
Hoping to become real.
Jumping, spinning, swinging…
Till she met thunder and fell again,
She fell with the thick raindrops crossing the sky,
And landed in the dreams of a lonely sad man. And she thought, “this must be the moment”.

He was somehow waiting for her.
Every night, as soon as he fell asleep,
He would sit on a corner of his dreams and wait for her.
So as soon as he saw her, he knew he must dance with her.

They danced together, from memory to memory, from one age to another.
Jumping, spinning, swinging…
They danced till their souls embraced and they fell in love.

But love is a hundred birds flying towards the sun,
And when he woke up, she was gone.
She had flown away with the birds of his wishful thoughts,
And now she’s perched on the tree of time,
Singing with the minutes, dancing with the hours.
Just waiting to become real.