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Poem to the male Ass

Round and hard,
I slap.
Playful tease,
I squeeze.

Sometimes hairy,
Sometimes smooth,
Stroke it, woman,
It’s all for you.

Big and wobbly,
Where ten hands fit,
Small, athletic,
Underneath tight jeans.

Soft treasure,
Perky jewel,
The perfect shape
That makes me drool.


I’m a cloud,
I’m a storm,
I’m the wind
That chills your bones.

I’m a whisper,
I’m a blink,
I’m a monster

I’m a poem,
I’m a song,
I’m the saddest story
you will ever know.

I’m a question,
I’m a scream,
I’m all the trouble
you don’t need.

I’m the stars,
I’m the moon,
I’m the nightmare
that brings your doom.

I’m a tree,
I’m a bird,
I’m a river
of endless distress.


Ode to Malta

Birgu, Malta

Oh, Malta,
Sunny limestone rock,
Ochre landscape,
Glowing at sunset.

Oh, Malta,
No trees, no forests,
No mountains, no rivers,
Just buildings and sea.

Oh, Malta,
Blue, teal and turquoise,
Sunburn tourists,
Painful rocky beaches.

Oh, Malta,
Quaint old buildings,
Narrow bumpy pavements,
Rubbish on the street.

An ode to shit


Silent, noisy,
Placid, feisty,
You always find
Your way out nicely.

Floating, sinking,
Coward, brave,
You will eventually meet
Your water grave.

Hopeless dauber,
Painter and artist,
You conscientiously leave
Your smeary footprint.

Frugal, lavish,
Colossal or wee,
What a wonderful pleasure is
To set you free.

Impetuous, obstinate,
Wicked, merciful,
Once you’re gone
I will never miss you.

Noemí Rivera